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Masala Chai

Meaning ”spiced tea”, Masala Chai is the perfect way to begin and end your day, or to enjoy anytime just as they do in India. Every family has their own Masala Chai recipe; our family uses Assam black tea simmered with milk and spiced with the aromatic flavor of fennel and the soothing comfort of cardamom.


Makes: 20 Cups

What’s Included?

Assam black tea, fennel seeds and green cardamom pods

What Do I Provide?

Water, milk and sugar


What we have provided you with is our family recipe. Try some of the following ideas below and make it your own!
  1. Spices: If you like the flavors of cinnamon or cloves in your tea, add some! Just add any additional spices to the water at the same time you add the “Masala” packet. Other spices variations that might be fun to try are: star anise, black peppercorns, allspice, ground ginger, or even some freshly grated ginger.

  2. Sweeteners: Sugar or sweeteners definitely enhance the flavors of the spices, so we recommend adding something to sweeten it. If you are trying to avoid sugar though, try adding some honey to bring out the flavors instead.

  3. Milks: Experiment with different milks. With all of the different varieties of “milk” available, use what you prefer. Different milks will also create different flavors that might be nice, such as Vanilla Rice Milk, or you could even use condensed milk, which would work as a dual purpose so you don’t have to add any sweetener.

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