Our Story


image descriptionKAVELI is: Kavi, Elizabeth & Vijay. A son, his wife and her Indian mother-in-law. Together sharing their treasured family recipes using exotic ingredients so you can experience and enjoy the true taste of home-cooked, all natural Indian cuisine.

We are not a quick fix for Indian. We are not some sort of weird, shelf-stable heat and serve pouch. We are not frozen. And we cannot be made in a microwave. We are not a jar that you can add to just anything and call it, “Indian”. Nor are we just another packet of spices.

We are the whole, real, raw ingredients. We are all natural Indian. We are a convenient solution. We are helping you decide what’s for dinner. We are providing you just the right amount of those hard to find ingredients that you don’t want to be stuck with for the next five years because you only need a little bit. We are an experience without the hassle. We are a family.

We think it’s important for you to see the colors, hear the sizzles, smell the spices, taste the flavors and feel the experience.

We believe that cooking is an experience that builds and grows friendships, values, and appreciation to life and our place in it. As cultures blend, and generations come and go, we feel it is our responsibility to share our family recipes with others in the healthiest, most simple and sustainable ways possible. We care about where our products come from (the land, the farmers, the workers) because we care about where our products end up (our families, our children and friends). We want our consumers to be able to confidently cook all natural Indian food just the way we do at home and make it become their own.

image descriptionFrom the first time Kavi brought Elizabeth home to meet his mother, Vijay, the two women started cooking together. Elizabeth eager to learn, and Vijay excited to teach and share some of her family recipes that only she knew. Over the next few years, every time Kavi and Elizabeth would come home to visit, Vijay would teach her something new. As Vijay cooked, Elizabeth followed her around the kitchen, diligently taking notes and forcing her to actually measure the spices with spoons and cups (instead of just using the palm of her hand like her mother taught her)! The true test was then for Elizabeth to try cooking the dishes she learned for Kavi, and if Kavi said that it was as good as his mother’s, then they knew the recipe was right!

Excited about trying out her new Indian cooking skills, Elizabeth cooked Indian food whenever she had the opportunity. However, these opportunities happened most often while visiting family and friends, and although she was willing and wanting to cook, she found she didn’t have any of the necessary ingredients she needed. So she began to pre-measure and pre-mix all of the unique hard to find ingredients. As she was putting some of these items together, she realized how nice it would to be able to buy something like this herself. Something where it was not pre-made and loaded with who knows what sort of preservatives, but just the raw materials, paired with family recipes in the just the amounts you need in order to make real Indian at home when you wanted it and all you would need to do is add your “everyday ingredients”… Thus the idea for Kaveli was born!